Please see links below for a selection of Dr Porges's video recordings, webinars and podcasts:

  • The Dr Drew Podcast, with Dr Porges and Adam Carolla (episode #090), is available here
  • Don't miss the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine's webinar series (linked here), which includes a seminar connecting the Polyvagal Theory to trauma patient therapy.
  • Dr Porges participated in a free video interview series - Hardwiring Happiness: Seven Essential Strengths. His friend and colleague, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. (author of Buddha’s Brain) interviewed him and other experts, including Joseph Goldstein, Todd Kashdan, Ph.D., Marci Shimoff, Kristen Neff, Ph.D., Sharon Salzberg and James Doty, M.D., on how to develop lasting and true happiness.

    This series explores how to have lasting and true happiness, even in a life that is hard. You will learn how to use the power of everyday experience to build up important strengths and resources for yourself, how to face the brain’s negativity bias, take in the good, and hardwire happiness into your brain.

    Topics covered include:

    •  How becoming mindful can help you to take in the good more effectively.

    •  Understanding how the nervous system evolved and why it matters to us today.

    •  What is the relationship between openness and imagination?

    •  How to remove major blocks to passion.

    •  Why is it important to have compassion?

    • The role self-compassion plays in developing the self-worth that is necessary for true confidence.

    •  How being contented can help you to be more loving.

    The guests are wonderful authorities in their fields, and they respond openly to some very personal questions.

    These freely offered videos are full of warmth and down-to-earth practical help. For more information, check out this page.

  • Dr Porges's webcast session, "Understanding Polyvagal Theory" was selected for the Psychotherapy Networker "State of the Art 2013: A Virtual Conference."  Click here!
  • Dr Porges's presentation, "The Science of Compassion:  Origins, Measures and Interventions" from Telluride 2012, is available on YouTube here
  • Dr Porges's interview, "The Polyvagal Theory" is available on YouTube here.
  • Dr Porges's and Dr. Sue Carter's joint dialog, "The Love Code:  The Chemistry of Intimacy" is available on YouTube here.
  • Dr Porges, in collaboration with Shrink Rap Radio, has released an audio podcast discussing key aspects of the Polyvagal Theory and the related Listening Project.  It is available for listening and download at Shrink Rap Radio.  The transcript of Dr Porges's interview on Shrink Rap Radio is now available here.
  • Listen to Dr Porges's podcast with Dr Drew (episode #063) HERE